Content and Connected, Even Amidst Change

Sometimes amidst big changes, do you ever feel like you don't belong, even in your own life? What IS it that helps us feel actually.... connected? Content amidst the waning and waxing of all that is unfolding? In yoga, there's a concept called santosha. Like all of the niyamas, santosha is an inner practice. Sometimes described as contentment, santosha is a state of deep acceptance, appreciation even, for what is. It's not … Continue reading Content and Connected, Even Amidst Change

Yoga for Self Love…?

This weekend's workshop, Self Love Through Yoga, may seem like a nice thought... but what will this look like in terms of practice, and experience? When we perceive our thoughts, feelings and actions to be "good," it's easy to "love" ourselves, or at least feel capable of receiving  love, appreciation, acceptance, or attention. These feelings build up a healthy … Continue reading Yoga for Self Love…?