“What will you fortify you for the long haul of this collective shift?”

-Kelly Nicole Palmer

Join Avery, Kelley, and Melissa for a weekend retreat that will provide deep rest and rejuvenation rooted in collective healing.

Transform your relationship to rest, your commitment to renewal, and explore how that impacts your capacity to dream, imagine, show up for and enjoy a more engaged, aligned life.

  • Are you (beyond) ready to be more rested and resourced – but struggle to make time to really slow down and deeply relax?

  • Are you tired a lot, but have trouble actually relaxing?

  • How do we create movements that are sustainable – and even nourishing?

  • How can Yoga help us unpack, transform, and heal from internalized oppression, and the ways we uphold systems of harm?

  • How do we reignite our radical imagination, and give ourselves and each other permission to dream and create a more just world in the here and now?

This retreat will offer structure and space to deeply nurture yourself over the course of three days with the guidance and support of your facilitators. We will explore skillful, adaptive yin and restorative Yoga practice and powerful process journaling, within a supportive container. Doing this work with others, in community, helps us all go deeper. Allow yourself to receive some much needed time to process what you’ve gone through since last March, metabolize that wisdom, rest, and renew your energy, with a clear intention to build a positive momentum towards sustainable change.



What you will receive, explore & experience:

  • 12 hours of live, interactive teaching and coaching along with a spacious schedule and abundant optional add ons

  • Spacious time in deep, delicious contemplative Restorative & Yin Yoga practice

  • Inspiring, revelatory writing sessions to help you uncover inner clarity

  • Unpack what rest is for you, and what you put between yourself and rest?

  • Invitations to examine your held beliefs and patterns around rest, imagination, and sustainable culture shift

  • Yoga philosophy and practical techniques to support your inner and outer work, nervous system regulation, and somatic inquiry

  • Space to reimagine and co-create practices that disrupt systems of oppression individually and collectively

  • Support for a lasting shift that will help you bridge what you’re stepping away from and what you’re arriving into in your life

  • A digital welcome package with the full retreat content, recipes to explore over the weekend, pre-recorded meditations, guided nature time, writings, and journaling prompts


Friday, February 12th – 5-7:30pm MT

Saturday, February 13th – 10am-12pm & 2-5pm MT

Sunday, February 14th – 10am-12pm & 1:30-3pm MT

Can’t attend the entire weekend?

We will be recording content from each session that can be sent to you 1-2 hours after the session ends.

Equity Pricing

Our equity pricing structure reflects how we are intentionally building culture around honesty, resource redistribution, healthy reciprocity and mutual uplift. We honor both giving and receiving as sacred aspects of our interdependence.

$295 – Reserved for Black, Indigenous People of Color, those who hold under estimated identities, and those who are under resourced.

$395 – The Retreat Price – Pays for You

$495 – This supportive rate amplifies access by equitably distributing financial possibilities to others.

Scholarships Are Available! Click HERE to submit your request.

A note on our pricing (and why this is such an amazing value.)

  • We’ve designed the container, rhythm, and structure of this retreat with a lot of care specifically for our community in this pivotal time. Many of you are going through a lot personally and at the same time working so hard, giving so much, amidst it all. We are confident this retreat will be powerfully restful, rejuvenating, and inspiring for all attendees.
  • We are seasoned teachers, and together bring several decades of experience and skillful facilitation in service of your healing transformation.
  • This project is independently run, which means we’ve been able to create this offering with upmost integrity. By supporting our small businesses, you are investing money towards new, more ethical forms of economy.
  • Furthermore, you are helping platform and uplift the wisdom of teachers who hold underestimated identities. In a world where white cis men are often seen as the default “experts” in the field, we bring diverse insight, skill, and approaches to healing practice that will deeply benefit you and your journey.



Melissa is a true teacher.  She allows her practice to be a tool for personal evolution and that brings a deep understanding and creativity to her teaching enabling students to have the confidence to make their own inner journey through Yoga. – Angela Farmer

I extend gratitude to you for creating a space in which I was able to travel deeply within as I explored the practice of yoga under your guidance. Your words are poetic and powerful. Your excitement and love for the practice is inspirational. I was able to hear your words all the way through my being and this allowed me to work honestly towards healing, growth, and strength. It has also encouraged me to live my own practice as it evolves and unfurls towards the light. – Gina


Avery has always made me feel at ease in their classes. As a genderqueer person, this has not always been the case in typical yoga spaces. Avery creates an environment of growth through their direction and presence. One that encourages me to challenge myself, working with my body, not against it, with gentle reminders to stay present.  – Patti

Avery is the most gifted yoga instructor – people who’ve been doing yoga for years follow them. And yet despite this expertise, they use their energy to make spaces open and safe for the newest, body-diverse people. Others have followed suit but nobody as intentional as Avery. They are a guide and leader who is responsible for the healing of so many of us.  – Emet


“Thank you for empowering me to change. To be a better human. For empowering me to expect more of myself and others. Thank you for sharing a truth with me that is difficult to face. I’m a better person having taken this course, but I have just scratched the surface. I have things to undo I never knew about and new ideas and perspectives to explore. It’s necessary to be aware. I think that is what your course did for me. It helped me find a new part of my awareness and I keep changing because of it. Thank you for that gift Kelley. “ – Mary

Kelley is such a joy of a facilitator to cultivating one’s vision and growth, and the community aspect of the workshop — collectively exploring our passions and tangles — really sealed the deal of it being how I envision creation is intended… Separately but indivisibly together. I regularly call on the energy we created together to support me in whatever next kinda scary but thrilling step into the life I’m consciously cultivating for myself now more than ever thanks to her inspiration.” – Jill


Avery Kalapa
Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), eRYT500, BFA@http://www.averykalapa.com
Avery Kalapa is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), eRYT500, BFA, who has been practicing since 1999, and teaching since 2004. Avery’s practice and teaching is rooted in anti-oppression, and they invite participants to engage with yoga for inner healing towards collective liberation. They cherish anti assimilation and love creating space for impactful inner transformation for queers, outsiders, change makers, and beloved community too often left out of mainstream yoga. Celebrated for their somatic precision, enthusiasm, accessibility, commitment to spirituality, and depth of technique, their teaching reflects their reverence and gratitude for the profound lineage of Iyengar Yoga. Avery has travelled around the US and to India to study yoga, and accumulated thousands of hours of training. They teach magical retreats, workshops, classes, and private sessions, and are involved in various yoga equity projects including Albquerque Queer Trans Community Yoga.

Kelley Nicole Palmer
ERYT, YACEP, Writer & Coach @http://www.kelleynicolepalmer.com
Kelley Nicole Palmer is a black, queer creative and community advocate based in Charlotte NC. Kelley uses the practices and philosophy of yoga to guide her work in creating equitable and sustainable access to wellness for BIPOC. Along with teaching movement, meditation and contemplative practices, Kelley leads retreats, hosts workshops and contributes to multiple teacher training programs. Kelley is a writer and collage artist focusing that work on black liberation, wholeness and healing. Kelley serves as a founding member of The Sanctuary In The CIty, a Charlotte based non-profit that focuses on equitable healing spaces for BIPOC all over the world. Kelley also serves as communications manager for Accessible Yoga and as a trainer for Accessible Yoga Training School.

Melissa Spamer
M.A. LMHC ERYT C.Ay. @http://www.melissaspamer.com
Melissa has been exploring the world of healing arts for thirty years. She has accumulated thousands of hours in Yoga, body & energy work, Ayurveda, and psychotherapy training. Melissa completed her first certification to teach Yoga in 1997 with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, and has since completed more than six 200-500 hour teacher trainings. In 2005, Melissa completed a 500 hour teaching certification with the International Yoga College, specializing in Yoga and Conflict Transformation, with the renowned teacher Rama Jyoti Vernon. Over the past twenty three years she has been creating and facilitating classes, retreats, and trainings as well as seeing private clients. She is a trauma informed Yoga teacher and is passionate about bringing to life the depth of the Yoga practice as a deeply healing inner journey that in turn reveals the necessity to contribute to a just and balanced world. She is a licensed bodyworker, Ayurvedic practitioner, and licensed counselor.