Monthly Yoga with Avery Subscription  

The more we practice yoga, the better everything else unfolds. Now it’s even easier to enjoy to benefits of committed, socially conscious yoga practice with Avery.

Introducing a deep supportive Monthly Subscription Membership that gets you:

  • Unlimited access to ALL regularly scheduled livestream classes with Avery, 4 per week (plus, skip the hassle of having to sign up for each class individually and track down class links in your email!)
  • Replays of all classes automatically delivered to your inbox, to enjoy when it works for you.
  • Member only access to a Monthly 60 minute Yoga Q&A with Avery first Mondays 12-1 PM MT. Bring your questions on asana, anatomy, alignment, breath, yoga and social justice, the Yoga Sutras, etc! Community connection + discussion.
  • Receive a downloadable copy of Yoga with Avery’s Guide to Satisfying Home Practice – a 40 page full color eBook to inspire and inform your practice. 
  • A one time 30 minute 1-on-1 Support Session for your practice when you commit to 3 months. Your 3 month commitment is based on an honor system. Just sign up for the subscription and once you’re in, you can book your free session with me. When you book your session I’ll know your intention is to stick with it for at least 3 months. 
  • Discounts for Workshops and Special Events. Unlimited Access to Class Recording Packages (coming soon).
  • 10% proceeds go to the Honor Native Land Tax


How it works:

Your month long access starts the day you sign up, through to that date the following month. Your subscription will continue through convenient monthly auto payments. You can cancel your subscription any time.

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to a password protected page with all the links and info you’ll need. This will arrive in your inbox. As always, check promotion and spam for this follow up email! You’ll receive class recordings in your email so long as your subscription is current.

Your Investment:

This is a new program, and this low price is an introductory rate. By joining now, you’ll secure your membership at this great rate, regardless of future price increases.

Monthly Subscription Price: $99

Special introductory price $79

If priced individually, this gives you over $400 value.

Your subscription starts when you sign up. Unsubscribe any time. 


Equity pricing: 

Pick your level of reciprocation. We’re developing a community of trust, equity, and honesty, satya (truth) through these alternative pricing structures. If you can pay more, you’ll help cover the cost for someone else who needs to pay less. Giving and receiving are each sacred acts that help us honor our interdependence. 

$59 – River – For low income folks, especially Black, Indigenous, people of color and or queer trans individuals and single parents.

$79 – Lake – Actual price to cover you.

$108 – Ocean – Supportive rate covers you plus helps others attend, in the spirit of redistribution, and community care.

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Thanks for joining me on the journey!

We live in an era of super cheap yoga apps and free videos galore. Much of this is tied to big companies selling products in a multi billion dollar yoga industry.

I aim to offer accessible, dynamic, real-deal yoga that meets you where you’re at, and offers an alternative to mainstream yoga culture, so that you can deepen in joyful, fun, healing practice and benefit from its profound potential.

Want to try a yoga class with Avery? Sign up for individual classes here.

Thank you for supporting my small queer business and growing with me, in community!