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10% of all class fees donated to grassroots Mutual Aid Covid-19 relief in Albuquerque, India, and for Indigenous communities in the Southwest such as Seeding Sovereignty, Pueblo Relief Fund, and Ke Info Shop, and Black community (emphasis on Black Trans) led groups working for Racial Justice.

Need yoga but stressed about money? Come to class for $3! Check out my equity pricing system.

Online yoga from my heart, to yours… from my home, to yours!

We’re in unprecedented times. Asana is a form of real alchemy where we transform fatigue, stress, overwhelm, and grief into golden clarity, adaptibility, and resilience. Fuel for healing, for showing up for change and collective liberation.

I’m here for you, and so is your yoga practice.

Nourish the roots of your joy, health, willpower and courage through deep, accessible Iyengar yoga practice. Embodiment + awareness provide integration for our bodies, nervous systems, minds, and hearts. Anti-oppression framework.

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When you sign up for class you’ll get a replay of the class, accessible for the next few months, too. So if you can’t join us live, or want to take the class again later, you can. To access the the replay, you must sign up in advance.

Need yoga but financially struggling? Come to class for $3! Check out my equity pricing system.

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