Change is in the air!

Good changes 🙂

Behind the scenes, we’re still working to shift everything over to a new website – It’s nearly ready, I think you’re going to love it! In the meantime, this is the week we’re beginning to transition to the new platform! Thanks for your patience.

A new registration process is now live! Click on a class below to sign up.

Changes to know about:

  • See your link and password upon purchase – perfect for last minute sign ups, no need to search in email! Reminder emails also sent 45 min before class to your inbox to add to your calendar.
  • Equity pricing is now in a sliding scale format!
  • Replays are now available through the On Demand Library! If you sign up for class, you can access the recording free, just click on it to take the class. Otherwise, you can rent a class! Replay links are no longer sent out via email for drop-ins.
  • Subscribers – we’ll be transferring your accounts over in the next few days. For now, there’s nothing to new do. I’ll be in touch soon once this shift happens. You’ll have access to more on the new set up, at the same price you joined with. Yay!

Let me know what you think… and email me if you have any questions.


Current Zoom Yoga Class Schedule:

Register below


I’m here for you, and so is your yoga practice.

Refresh your vitality!

Embodiment rooted in functional anatomy + somatic awareness provide empowering integration for our bodies, nervous systems, minds, and hearts.

Join us for a fun, alignment-based asana class incorporates meditation, chanting, breath awareness, and philosophy! And of course, the sacred practice of savasana.

Great for beginners, as well as long time practitioners who appreciate an emphasis on somatic sensitivity, stability, and philosophy woven into asana.
Get strong and open up, safety!

Gender affirming, deeply inclusive.
Equity pricing + 10% net to grassroots justice organizing!

Burn away the mental fog, refresh your body, clear away tension and nourish your sense of inner peace with a fun, accessible, energizing, practice. We are supported AND uplift each other when we practice together!

Nourish your adaptability, clarity, and joy.
We’ll take a healing inward journey together, to bring us back home to ourselves.


Each sequence is unique, well balanced, and educational.
Classes rotate focus each week, through a cycle of 5 main sthitis, or types of asanas:

  • Standing poses
  • Forward Bends and twists
  • Shoulders, arms, core strength
  • Backbends
  • Restorative, inversions, breath


Yoga props allow us to experience new depths of access, alignment, safety, and progressive challenge!

Useful to have:
a yoga mat
a wall (or door)
a chair (folding chair is ideal, but any sturdy chair will do!)
a belt
2 blocks
a few blankets (or large towels or throw pillows)
a bolster, or couch cushions or pillows

If you don’t have props, I’ll give options for how to use common household items to support your practice, or you can do without props.


When you sign up for class, you’ll see an instant link to join the session – perfect for last minute signs ups! You’ll also get a reminder email 45 minutes before class, with the link and password to add to your calendar.

You can choose to leave your camera on or off.
It’s helpful for the teacher to see your poses, so they can offer corrections and instructions specific to you, but the most important thing is that you can feel what’s happening inside you body. Questions during class are welcome! Modifications are given as needed. All offered is optional, and adpative!

If you need to arrive late or leave early, no problem, though attending the whole class is most beneficial. If you come late, please mute yourself upon entry. If you need to leave early, don’t skip savasana!!

Replays for weekly classes are NOT included, but you can rent the class afterwards (usually posted within the hour) from the Yoga Library if you’d rather use the recording, or join my Unlimited Subscription and easily access all my livestream and recorded classes.

Equity pricing: Sliding scale allows you to pick your payment amount in the spirit of equity, accessibility, generosity, and redistribution, while simulataneously inviting your conscious investment in a yoga + wellness culture that pays committed teachers a living wage, and supports this small queer business to operate sustainably.

If you can pay more, you’ll help cover the cost for someone else who needs to pay less. The main thing us, come to yoga! 🙂

$5-15: River – For low income folks, especially BIPOC, queer trans folks, those with chronic conditions, and/or single parents.

$15-20: Lake – Actual price to cover you.

$21-30 or more: Ocean – Supportive rate helps cover you, and someone else in need, in the spirit of resource redistribution, reparations, and community care.

$5 may still be cost prohibitive, especially for those living outside the US, because of disparities in global economies due to colonization. If you are in this situation, email me via the contact form on my website, and let’s work it out so you can come for free, or at a rate you can easily afford.


See you there, friends!

10% of net class proceeds donated to grassroots Mutual Aid Covid-19 relief in Albuquerque, India, and for Indigenous communities in the Southwest such as Seeding Sovereignty, Pueblo Relief Fund, and Ke Info Shop, and Black community (emphasis on Black Trans) led groups working for Racial Justice. Currently supporting Honor Native Land Tax.

Current In-person Yoga Class Schedule:

Now through end of October: Yoga in the Park! Fridays 9:30-10:30 AM

at McDuffie Park, AKA Hidden Park. BYO mat, etc! $10-20 suggested donation

In person workshops for Sept and Oct have been cancelled due to Covid uncertainty.

JOIN US next month on the beach! Nov 21-27th Return to Joy MEXICO RETREAT – 3 spots left! Vaccinations required.

Join the waitlist: Queer Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica! Spring 2022!

Here’s where to find info on my Unlimited Yoga Subscription or to book a Private Session for you or your group – online or in person!