Saturday May 15th 3-5:30 PM MT – for Trans and Nonbinary Folks – Pelvic Floor Yoga Workshop with Avery Kalapa




Saturday May 15th 3-5:30 PM MT

Yoga + Your Pelvic Floor Workshop – Just for Trans and Nonbinary Folks

with Avery Kalapa

Anatomy Asana + Breath

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Join us for a fun, deep, affirming 2.5 hr workshop to discover a new framework, learn some cool anatomy, and release, strengthen and bring somatic awareness to the pelvic floor. I teach about the pelvis in a non binary way.

This is a special healing opportunity. Trauma informed, adaptive, brave space… come explore on your own terms. 

Let’s take an afternoon for some empowering sensing, feeling, breathing and healing focused on the special world of the inner pelvis.
This experiential workshop will help you learn to sense the 3 layers of your unique pelvic floor. Through exploring specific actions and structural alignment through Iyengar yoga, learn what practices will best support you as you sit, stand, move, and practice yoga. Discover ways to optimize pelvic health, including good circulation, movement, relaxation, and stability. The inner pelvis is powerhouse of energetic vitality, too. This workshop is all levels and will include a slideshow, restorative, and active poses. We will use props: have a chair, belt (or scarf), blocks, (or books) and some blankets and/or throw pillows/ towels handy. 


  • It’s hard to feel whats going on down there. Your pelvis has been through a lot. but you know that connection and healing in this area could be so powerful.


  • You’re dealing with pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, SI joint issues, sciatica, or other issues related to the pelvic floor.


  • You’re curious, what the heck is mula bandha all about, anyways?


  • You’ve been told you should be doing kegels, but  question (or maybe should be questioning) if that’s  actually helpful for you body.


  • You’ve wanted to take a pelvic floor class for a while, but cringe at the thought of someone saying “female/ male pelvis” and having to deal with binary gender, dysphoria, and cis norms in a supposedly healing space. You want to learn about your body and energy in a way that affirms and uplifts.
 Recommended for trans and/or enby parents, yoga lovers, yoga teachers, teacher trainees, health care providers, anyone with a pelvis!

About My Yoga Equity Pricing System I warmly invite you to come for free, or pay what you can, if that’s what will help you make it to this. Email me at avery@yogawithavery.com to get the free code. If you are in a position to pay a bit extra, to help cover others in this Trans and Nonbinary workshop, amazing. You can also send me donations directly towards that, here.

Know that I appreciate each of you, truly. 

and anyone with a pelvic floor! Workshops count towards Yoga Alliance CEUs.

Schedule Details
Saturday, May 15, 2021
3-5:30 PM MT









Embodiment + awareness provide integration for our bodies, nervous systems, minds, and hearts.

The first hour of the workshop will be a slideshow (so make your self comfy) then we’ll explore movement, asana, and relaxation.

When you sign up for the workshop you’ll be emailed a confirmation email with a link and password. Click the link to access your class. The link will be also sent to you in a second email 15 minutes before class. Make sure these emails don’t get lost in your spam! 


About your teacher:

Avery Kalapa (they, them) is a yoga teacher, community weaver, organizer, CIYT, eRYT500, YACEP, BFA, with 20 years experience. They hold special certification in Yoga for the Pelvic Floor, which they completed in 2014.

Avery’s approach is rooted in antioppression: yoga for inner healing and collective liberation. They love creating healing spaces that cherish and center queer & trans folks, that don’t require assimilation.

Celebrated for their enthusiasm, accessibility, and depth of technique, their teaching reflects deep gratitude for the Iyengar Lineage. They offer a vast knowledge of integrative functional anatomy and stability that empowers their students to experience tangible, empowering transformation in body, mind and consciousness.

Avery is involved in various yoga equity projects, such as ABQ Queer Trans Community Yoga. They’re also a gardener, and parent. Avery is a white, queer, nonbinary settler grateful to live on unceded Tiwa land, in Albuquerque NM. 





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