Sat Aug 28th 11-1 PM MT: Opening Up –

How to Cultivate Affirming Yoga Spaces and Practice for LGBTQ+ People



Opening Up

How to Cultivate Affirming Yoga Spaces and Practice for LGBTQ+ People

Livestream Yoga Workshop – Replay Included for All Registrants 

Date: Sat Aug 28th 11-1 PM MT, 1-3 PM ET


Do you want your classes to be inclusive and welcoming, but feel unclear or unconfident when it comes to gender nonconforming and LGBTQ+ students?

What limiting perspectives, assumptions, and ways of relating dominate most yoga spaces? What’s the difference between sexuality and gender? What does non-binary mean? Our practice asks us to do no harm. How can we awaken to – and therefore divest from – the harmful norms that play out in our yoga classes because of social conditioning? How is this work benefit us all, you included?

Come on an adventure in praxis and practice as we unpack the myths of binaries (gender essentialism) and heteronormativity, tease apart the impact it has in our classrooms and practice, and invite the richness of pluralism and expansive authenticity. What if our yoga practice was a way to feel at peace with who we are, and embody our full truth, which then affirmed that possibility for everyone around us…?

Creating space for students of diverse lives experiences is beautiful way to maintain integrity with lineage.

Join gender expansive Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers Hector Jairo Martinez and Avery Janeczek Kalapa as we explore a useful framework for creating courageous spaces.

This 2 hour workshop is for teachers of yoga, with a focus on Iyengar Yoga, though teachers from any tradition, teacher trainees, and interested community members are welcome. Open your mind and heart and gain skills and inspiration towards cultivating more inclusive yoga spaces for gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, intersex, nonbinary, and or trans practitioners.

Session will include inner and out work: asana, philosophy, and Q&A. Geared towards cis and or hetero teacher allies; QT folks welcome to join as well!


About your teachers:

Hector-Jairo Martinez (they/them) Hector is a certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor. Hector came to Iyengar Yoga by chance. First began as a way to recover from an injury, then it evolved as a way towards self-love and acceptance. Hector apprenticed under the guidance of Theresa Rowland from 2008 to 2014 developing a nurturing relationship with the practice of Iyengar Yoga and life. For Hector, “Iyengar Yoga gives us a way to approach our bodies with friendliness and curiosity. In the journey, one uncovers ever growing potentiality and sees the unity and splendor of our own being.” Hector believes and engages in co-conspiring to create a present that celebrates the beauty of each being. They are nourished by family and friends, faith, yoga philosophy, nature and food which allows them the strength to pursue living their fullest each day and from time to time be a stiletto loving diva at night.

Avery Kalapa (they/them) is a yoga teacher, community weaver, queer and trans wellness organizer, CIYT, eRYT500, YACEP, BFA, with 20 years experience. Avery’s approach is rooted in anti-oppression: yoga sadhana for inner healing and collective liberation. They love creating embodied healing spaces that don’t require assimilation. Celebrated for their enthusiasm, accessibility, and depth of technique, their teaching reflects deep gratitude for the Iyengar Lineage. They offer a vast knowledge of integrative functional anatomy and stability that empowers their students to experience tangible, nourishing transformation in body mind and consciousness. Avery is involved in various yoga equity projects. They’re also a gardener, and parent. Avery is a white, queer, neurodiverse, nonbinary settler grateful to live on unceded Tiwa land, in Albuquerque NM. 




About My Yoga Equity Pricing System 

I offer welcoming, accessible yoga as a nourishing practice of refuge and rejuvenation during these troubling, transformational times. In supporting me and my family, I can continue to you support you and yours.

Equity pricing: Pick your price! If you can pay more, you’ll help cover the cost for someone else who needs to pay less. Yay!

$33 – River – For low income folks, especially BIPOC and or queer trans individuals and single parents.

$55 – Lake – Actual price to cover you.

$77 – Ocean – Supportive rate covers you plus helps others attend, in the spirit of redistribution, community care and reparations.


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Pricing Levels

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