Monday, September 20th 9-10:30 AM MT: Level 1 Livestream Yoga Class with Avery



Monday, September 20th 9-10:30 AM MT:

Level 1 Online Yoga Class with Avery

8am Pacific Time, 11pm Eastern Time

Start the week fresh with this all levels asana class. Burn away the mental fog, gently refresh your body, clear away tension and nourish your sense of inner peace with an accessible, energizing practice.


10% from this class will be donated to Rad Justice Organizing.


Join the single class or check out the unlimited subscription option: Monthly Yoga with Avery Subscription

Scroll down to learn more about my equity pricing system.


Online yoga from my heart, to yours… from my home, to yours! We find ourselves in unprecedented times, and this whirlwind of changes can be overwhelming. Join me for deeply accessible yoga as a nourishing practice of refuge and rejuvenation during these troubling, transformational times.

Re-center and nourish the roots of your adaptability, clarity, and resilience through inspired Iyengar yoga practice. We will take a healing inward journey together, using tools such as asana (yoga posture) nada yoga (chanting) and pranayama (regulation and liberation of the breath) to bring us back home to ourselves. Embodiment + awareness provide integration for our bodies, nervous systems, minds, and hearts.

If you don’t have props, I’ll give options for how to use common household items to support your practice. The zoom room will be open 15 minutes prior to and after the class, so we’ll have time to check in and connect.

You’ll need to familiarize yourself with Zoom ahead of time.

When you sign up for class, you’ll be emailed a confirmation email with a link and password.

The link will be also sent to you in a second reminder email 15 minutes before each class.

You’ll also get a replay emailed to you so you can take the class again, or enjoy it if you miss the live class. Replays are good for 60 days.

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About your teacher:

Avery Kalapa is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), eRYT500, BFA, with 20+ years experience who teaches magical retreats, workshops, classes, and private sessions. They are a passionate healing justice advocate, and love creating space for impactful inner transformation for beloved community too often left out of mainstream yoga. Celebrated for their somatic precision, enthusiasm, accessibility, personalized attention, joyful spirituality, and depth of technique, their teaching reflects thier reverence and gratitude for the profound lineage and practice of Iyengar Yoga. They live on unceded Tiwa land, in Albuquerque NM. 





About My Yoga Equity Pricing System 

My goal with these online classes is to offer welcoming, accessible yoga as a nourishing practice of refuge and rejuvenation during these troubling, transformational times. In supporting me and my family, I can continue to you support you and yours.

Equity pricing: Pick your price! If you can pay more, you’ll help cover the cost for someone else who needs to pay less. Yay!

$5 – River – For low income students, especially BIPOC and or queer families and single parents.

$15 – Lake – Actual price per kid. Feel free to add on siblings at the $25 price!

$25 – Ocean – Supportive rate in the spirit of redistribution, community care and reparations.


Many of us are taking a hard hit financially due to the corona virus. And, while the affects of COVID19 are challenging for everyone, the worst of the stress is falling on marginalized communities.

Please feel into what your needs are and decide accordingly. The main thing is, come to yoga! You can choose to pay more one day, less the next, it’s up to you. Know that I appreciate each of you, truly. 



By signing up for class you acknowledge online yoga is an at-your-own-risk activity. It is your responsibility to communicate about any medical conditions to the teacher. Everything we’ll be teaching is optional and you have permission to adapt or opt out as needed. By signing up you agree to release and waive any claims against the teacher of this class. 



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Pricing Levels

Equity scholarship price, Actual Price, Supportive Angel Price

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