Letting Go of 2020: Winter Solstice Long Savasana Workshop

Deep Yoga Relaxation with Avery Kalapa

Sunday, December 20th 3-5 PM MT





Letting Go of 2020: Winter Solstice Long Savasana Workshop Recording

Deep Yoga Relaxation with Avery Kalapa

Sunday, December 20th

3-5 PM MT


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10% goes to Honor Native Land Tax


WHEW. We almost made it through 2020, and damn what a year it has been. Are you ready to release it? 

Align your Self with the nourishing quietude of nature’s deepest moment of rest and rejuvenation: Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. When we give ourselves time to truly rest, the process of letting go unfolds on its own. 

Practice fully supported, grounding, long-held restorative yoga postures combined with Avery’s beautifully crafted guided relaxation and pranayama/breath work to prepare you for a long savasana, or ‘Yoga Nidra,’ a conscious journey into deep healing surrender.

This magical hibernation will help you replenish and heal from this incredibly challenging year,  strengthen your immune system, nurture the health of your vital organs, calm your nervous system, and fill you with the resonance of pure peace.


All levels welcome. Makes a great gift!


Plan to have a warm, quiet space with:

a chair or sofa handy

a yoga mat or medium sized rug

several blankets, and or towels

a yoga bolster or couch cushions

a yoga belt or scarf or belt from your closet


Equity pricing: Pick your level in the spirit of upholding the vision of a more equitable future.

If you can pay more, you’ll help cover the cost for someone else who needs to pay less.

$17 – River – For anyone who needs some help; low income folks, especially BIPOC, queer trans and/or single parents

$40 – Lake – Actual price to cover you.

$75 – Ocean – Supportive rate in the spirit of resource redistribution, community care.



We’ll use zoom.

When you sign up for class, you’ll be emailed a confirmation email with a link and password. The link will be also sent to you in a second reminder email 15 minutes before each class. You’ll also get a replay emailed to you so you can take the class again, or enjoy it if you miss the live class. Replays are good for 60 days.

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About your teacher


Avery Kalapa is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), eRYT500, BFA, with 20+ years experience who teaches magical retreats, workshops, classes, and private sessions. Avery uplifts an anti oppression framework, and invites participants to engage with yoga not just for inner healing, but towards collective liberation. They love creating space for impactful inner transformation for queers, outsiders, change makers, and beloved community too often left out of mainstream yoga. Celebrated for their somatic precision, enthusiasm, accessibility, commitment to spirituality, and depth of technique, their teaching reflects their reverence and gratitude for the profound lineage and practice of Iyengar Yoga. They live on unceded Tiwa land, in Albuquerque NM. 




By signing up for class you acknowledge online yoga for is an at-your-own-risk activity. It is your responsibility to communicate about any medical conditions to the teacher and adapt as needed. Everything we’ll be teaching is optional, you can ask for alternatives, or opt out as needed. By signing up you agree to release and waive any claims against the teachers of this class. 





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