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Luscious Psoas Yoga Workshop

from Aug 2020 with Avery Kalapa


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“The psoas represents the deepest instinctual qualities of energy in the human being. It is from the area of the psoas that wise [people] ground themselves. With an integrated, well functioning psoas comes a quiet safe haven to move from and be within.

Performing as a ligament, the psoas will eventually shorten and dry. The priority of the psoas is not to support, but to inform. As part of the fluid sympathetic neuro-core, the psoas is neutral, supple, and expressive.”

– Liz Koch

“Fear and fatigue block the mind. Confront both squarely, and courage and self confidence will flow into you.”

– Yogacharya BKS Iyengar

The psoas major is the only muscle to directly connect your upper body (at the mid back, thoracic lumbar junction, sometimes called “the kidney band”) and lower body (at the inner trochanter at the top inner femur, thigh bone). If it’s tight, your hips becomes stiff and pushed forward, your low spine can get compressed, and you tend to grip the kidney area, which stimulates a stress response in the adrenal glands.

The psoas is part of hip flexion, but it has a deeper role in our sense of well-being because it’s intimately entwined with our nervous system. This connection of the psoas to the adrenal response and sympathetic nervous system makes for a rich area for those of us interested in  healing ancestral trauma somatically.

It anchors to a “deep front line” of fascia that runs from the root of the tongue, all the way down to the sole of the foot. When we release this front line, we help cultivate groin depth, pelvic floor stability, length in the low back, and a more calm, less reactive nervous system. Sometimes this experience is described as “opening the heart,” which yoga teaches is the abode of Purusha, the seat of the seer, the Self, the soul.





Re-center and nourish the roots of your adaptability, clarity, and resilience through inspired Iyengar yoga practice. We will take a healing inward journey together, using tools such as asana (yoga posture) nada yoga (chanting) and pranayama (regulation and liberation of the breath) to bring us back home to ourselves.

Embodiment + awareness provide integration for our bodies, nervous systems, minds, and hearts.

If you don’t have props, I’ll give options for how to use common household items to support your practice.



About your teacher:

Avery Kalapa is a yoga teacher, community weaver, organizer CIYT, eRYT500, YACEP, BFA, with 20 years experience. Avery’s approach is rooted in antioppression: yoga for inner healing and collective liberation. They love creating healing spaces that cherish and center queer & trans folks, that don’t require assimilation.

Celebrated for their enthusiasm, accessibility, and depth of technique, their teaching reflects deep gratitude for the Iyengar Lineage. They offer a vast knowledge of integrative functional anatomy and stability that empowers their students to experience tangible, empowering transformation in body mind and consciousness. 

Avery is involved in various yoga equity projects, such as ABQ Queer Trans Community Yoga. They’re also a gardener, and parent. Avery is a white, queer, nonbinary settler grateful to live on unceded Tiwa land, in Albuquerque NM. 





About My Yoga Equity Pricing System 

As a committed full time instructor, I rely on teaching yoga to support myself and my kids, and with the important steps we’re collectively are taking to flatten the curve, including studio closures and cancelled events, I’m faced with potential financial hardship. Through offering these live online classes I aim to provide much needed support and solace, while creating energetic and financial support for my family, and also an easily accessible resource through scholarship participation. 

Scholarship rate classes for income challenged folks in need of healing, especially BIPOC, Queer Trans, single parents, and/or immune compromised folks in our community. Many of us are taking a hard hit financially due to the corona virus. And, while the affects of COVID19 are challenging for everyone, the worst of the stress is falling on marginalized communities. My goal with these online classes is to offer deeply accessible yoga as a nourishing practice of refuge and rejuvenation during these troubling, transformational times.

Please feel into what your needs are and decide accordingly. If you are still receiving regular income or are otherwise financially stable, please consider giving more to help cover self employed and unemployed folks. You can choose to pay more one day, less the next, it’s up to you. Know that I appreciate each of you, truly. 


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