Free Queer & Trans Iyengar Yoga 6 Week Class Series

with Avery Kalapa

Thursdays  12-1 PM MT  Feb. 4th – March 11th


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Free Queer & Trans Iyengar Yoga 6 Week Class Series

with Avery Kalapa

Thursdays  12-1 PM MT  Feb. 4th – March 11th

Thanks to generous support from the InterMountain Iyengar Yoga Association 

Hey QTs you are invited! This FREE all levels, affirming online yoga class series, taught in the Iyengar method, is for self identifed folks in the LGBTQueer+ community.

These yoga classes aim to connect our practice of embodied inner freedom with sustainable movements for collective liberation. classes are warm and welcoming, and will include centering, philosophy, relaxation, and are adaptive, geared to meet you where you’re at, in a way that honors your social location, your struggle and resilience, and creates space for your joy.

We’ll explore:

week 1: standing poses

week 2: forwards bends + twists

week 3: arms + core stability

week 4: back bending

week 5: restorative and breath work

week 6: mini practice + Q&A and community connection

We will use yoga props, sometimes, but you can use whatever you have around like a chair or couch or do the pose without props. Instructions will be given for both options.

Once you register, you’ll receive an email confirmation, and a reminder email 15 minutes before each class with a Zoom link to our virtual yoga room. You’ll also be sent replay good for 60 days. So if you can’t join us live, or want to take the class again later, you can. To access the the replay, you must sign up in advance.

Make sure these links don’t get lost in spam/ promotions! The email with your link and password will come from avery@yogawithavery.com via Mailchimp. Add me to your contacts to help make sure these don’t get lost in your spam/ promotions folder!
Please familiarize yourself with Zoom ahead of time. It’s free. You can keep your camera off, but it’s great to see you if you’re up for it!


About your teacher:

Avery Kalapa is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), eRYT500, BFA,  who has been practicing since 1999, and teaching since 2004. Avery’s practice and teaching is rooted in anti-oppression, and they invite participants to engage with yoga for inner healing towards collective liberation.

They cherish anti assimilation and love creating space for impactful inner transformation for queers, outsiders, change makers, and beloved community too often left out of mainstream yoga.

Celebrated for their somatic precision, enthusiasm, accessibility, commitment to spirituality, and depth of technique, their teaching reflects their reverence and gratitude for the profound lineage of Iyengar Yoga. Avery has travelled around the US and to India to study yoga , and accumulated thousands of hours of training. They teach magical retreats, workshops, classes, and private sessions , and are involved in  various yoga equity projects including Albquerque Queer Trans Community Yoga .  They are also a devotional creative, organic gardener, community organizer, and parent to 2 amazing kids. Avery is a white, queer, nonbinary settler grateful to live in the high desert, on unceded Tiwa land, in Albuquerque NM.



By signing up for class you acknowledge online yoga is an at-your-own-risk activity. It is your responsibility to communicate about any medical conditions to the teacher. Everything we’ll be teaching is optional and you have permission to adapt or opt out as needed. By signing up you agree to release and waive any claims against the teacher of this class. 


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