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  1. Avery โ€“ couldnโ€™t figure out how to add to testimonials, so feel free to add this comment.
    Before I started doing yoga with Avery, it was just exercise. But with her, it is so much more. She really helps both explain and demonstrate how this is a holistic mindโ€“bodyโ€“spirit journey. In addition, no matter where you are in your yoga practice, or if you have a physical issue, regardless of the stated class level, she makes sure to accommodate you. So if you are quite advanced, she provides poses for that. If youโ€™re a little less flexible (ahem), or youโ€™re on your period or have had hip replacement surgery recently, she gives you poses that work for you. Overall, yoga stopped simply being exercise, and has become a lifestyle, thanks in very large part to the healing, positive light that Avery has brought to my understanding and practice of yoga.

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