“If the foundation is firm,
the building can withstand calamities.
The practice of Yoga is the foundation,
so that the Self is not shaken under any circumstances.”
– B.K.S. Iyengar

Book a Yoga with Avery Workshop near you!

I love teaching workshops, and am particularly excited to bring this work to yoga communities that are off the beaten track. I’ve observed that while non-big-city yoga communities are often strong with committed practitioners, they don’t have easy access to traveling ‘big name’ teachers. Contact me with inquiries and we can discuss details. We can tailor the workshop based on the needs, ability, and interests of your group. Choose from the following Philosophy, Asana, and Pranayama topic modules (though philosophy will also be woven in throughout each lesson) as a starting point:

Deconstructing Systemic Oppression and Patanjali: Eight Limbs for Modern Times

Digging Deeper: Yama and Niyama

Obstacles and Kleshas: What’s blocking you from true healing, happiness?

Yoga for the Pelvic Floor: Anatomy, Asana, Breath, Self Care. For All Genders

Menstrual Sequence: Moon time! What to practice and why; Also great for fertility.

Stability and Freedom: Organizing Blissful Backbends 

The Psoas Heart Connection

Sirsasana and Salamba Sarvangasana: King and Queen of Asanas

Yoga for Hormonal Balance

Digestive Health

Femur Grounding 101: Understanding Stability and Mobility in the Hip Joint

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Issues

Back Care Basics

Restorative Yoga: Heal Anxiety, Insomnia and more.

Pranayama Foundations: Discovery of the Breath

Pranayama and Long Savasana

Queer/ Trans Community Yoga Focus