“Avery’s teaching weaves profound joy and deep spirituality, physical exuberance and emotional release. Her knowledge and skills are vast. She is a caring and careful teacher, always offering modifications and alert to individual needs, adapting accordingly. And, her love of – and commitment to yoga are wonderfully infectious.”


“Avery’s purity of intention allows the work to be clean and clear. This has been a wonderful experience of discovery in my body.”


“This class series lifted my spirits and made me feel good about my body. I feel way less stress now. I was having back pain and since practicing yoga with Avery it feels so much better.”


“I very rarely feel content in my life, but after your pranayama class today I feel completely at peace, totally content.”


“Avery’s voice is very soothing and relaxing. Her knowledge of anatomy, asana and philosophy is very inspiring and I’m learning so much, it’s exciting to feel the changes in my body. I have a lot more energy and less stress.”


“I’ve had a lot of yoga teachers, in a lot of studios, in a lot of cities, and Avery will probably be one of those world-traveling yoga teachers in the future. She’s that good! Why? Her knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga, her verbal instructions and explanations (which are ever-changing, based on her continued reading, education and workshops), her use of props and explanations of HOW and WHY to use the props. Avery has an unusual ability to internalize teachings from other visiting instructors, and incorporate them into her classes so that her students also get the benefit. Avery is funny and kind and insightful, and no two classes are alike. You walk out of every class thinking, “That’s just what I needed.” She will motivate you during challenging poses, and make sure you are in proper alignment, with any modifications you need. During restorative poses she will lull you into a meditative state, again making sure you are using the props the right way, for proper support and alignment.”


“Avery, I wanted to send a short note to express my gratitude to you for teaching such an amazing class yesterday. All day I felt an extreme sense of space and well being. It really opened up those areas of my pelvis and sacrum that have held congestion for years after the vehicular accident.Thank you for all that you bring to your practice.”


“I learned a great deal in Avery’s Yoga for Activism workshop, “Remaining Clear and Focused During Conflict.” A month later, a new supervisor threatened my job–but thanks to Avery’s teaching, I was able to remain calm and collected in stressful situations. The skills she taught made my life bearable during an incredibly difficult time.”